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Real Pod

Mar 31, 2021

Aleen and Sami are the co-founders of Betches, a female focused media company with MILLIONS of followers worldwide. The pair started their own podcast, "Diet Starts Tomorrow" as a way to document their numerous attempts to lose weight. However, throughout their dieting journeys, the girls discovered there was actually nothing wrong with them or their bodies, but EVERYTHING wrong with society and diet culture! In this episode we explore everything from their very first body-image issues to ultimately debunking how they broke free from diet culture and obsessive weight loss all together. This conversation puts a relatable, hilarious, and vulnerable spin on a conversation that usually makes us feel small and defeated.
You can stream their show "Diet Starts Tomorrow" anywhere you get your podcasts, and be sure to follow @Aleen@Sami, and @Betches on Instagram! 

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